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LevelPro Standard Head

The Level Pro Standard Head, part of our "All in one" system, automatically adjusts slopes up to 5% or can be securely locked for greater stability, perfect for perimeter laying of small-format tiles. By using a ring nut near the head, the base's tilting movement can be firmly fixed. Level Pro offers unrivaled advantages:

• Automatic slope adjustment up to 5% (with optional slope correctors, up to 10%)
• Height regulation from 1 to 40 inches with fewer components
• Convenient top key for easy adjustment from above (compatible with 0.16 version)
• Wide range of tile and decking heads
• Tile heads and decking heads feature rotation locks for direct height regulation from the support base. Ring nut insertion secures the head's tilting movement. Additionally, Level Pro supports offer an Easy Click head option for quick coupling with the Rail System's aluminum joists.

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Precision Pedestal Estimation: Simplifying Your Project Planning

Experience the ease and efficiency of Cityscape's unique service. Our expert team takes care of estimating the exact quantity of pedestals required for your project. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise planning.

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Mountain Stone_Summer Wheat.jpg
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Pedestal Accessories

Enhance your elevated flooring project with our range of pedestal accessories. Our high-quality accessories provide the finishing touches for a durable and precise installation. Discover the perfect accessories to complement your pedestal system and elevate your project to new heights.

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