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FRP Support Tray

The FRP Support Tray is a fiberglass reinforced plastic tray that is made specifically to support pavers where there is a concern of breakage, fragility, or heavy weight being applied on the surface. It is also commonly used when there are irregular sized pavers being used.

The FRP Support Tray is to be placed on top of the pedestals. Pedestals are recommended to be spaced 2' on center. The tray is free floating and does not need to be screwed to the pedestal unlessthere is a concern for uplift. The pavers are then placed on top of the tray to the desired pattern. The pavers must be glued to the tray to stop any potential movement. Spacers are recommended to be used when setting the pavers on the tray to keep a consistent joint width. We recommend the Cityscape DSG40 spacer, however a standard tile spacer could be used as well.

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