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Shock Control Adhesive Backer

SHOCK CONTROL® is a fiberglass-reinforced sheet that enhances the strength of porcelain pavers by being applied to their backs. Its flexible and removable nature provides temporary support and prevents pavers from collapsing, allowing for easy replacement without compromising the overall shape or leaving any fragments behind.

Metal Support Tray

Steel Tray Paver Support are made of galvanized steel sheets with downturned edges of 3/8"on the four sides, they are double folded to empower the underside of the 3/4” thick paversand grant them an extra strength. The galvanized metal tray will act as an additional support in the case where a tile is cracked.

FRP Support Tray

The FRP Support Tray is a fiberglass reinforced plastic tray that is made specifically to support pavers where there is a concern of breakage, fragility, or heavy weight being applied on the surface. It is also commonly used when there is irregular sized pavers being used.

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