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Elevate Your Outdoor Projects with Versatile Support

The Cityscape Aluminum Rail System is designed for two main purposes, but is not limited to these applications:

• Installation of plank style and irregular shaved pavers.
• Additional structural support for the pedestal system.

It is a modular rail support system that clips into the Crossrail Headpiece which is used on the LevelPro pedestal. This ensures the rail is securely attached to the pedestal and cannot easily be removed. the Top Rail Headpiece is then attached to the top of the rail and can freely slide up and down depending on the size of your paver, tile, or stone material.

The rails can be easily cut onsite to fabricate to exact lengths needed in certain areas. Each rail is joined
together using the joist connectors which are inserted into each end. The rails are lightweight,
easy to handle, and reduce the amount of pedestals needed.


Installation Profile

1. Aluminum Rail Joist
2. Standard Top Rail Headpiece
3. LevelPro Pedestal Support




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EasyRail Aluminum Joist System - Overvie

Top Rail Head

Aluminum Joist

Joist Fit

(if neccessary)
Perpendicular Alumin Joist

Cross Rail Head

Discover the Advantages

• Adds structural stability

• Increases weight capacity

• Allows installation of narrow plank pavers.

• Reduces pedestals required (spacing recommended at 24" O.C.)

The EasyRail System Essentials & Components

LevelPro Cross Rail Head

The market's most user-friendly and flexible solution for elevated projects.

Aluminum Rail Joist

The Ultimate Solution for Decking with 20x40 and 20x60 mm Sections.

Rail Headpiece

Enhance your Tile Floors with RailSystem Supports

Unlock Your Toolbox: Downloadable Resources

EasyRail Aluminum Joist System - Overview

ARJ EasyRail Aluminum Joist - Technical Data Sheet

LPC401-405 EasyRail Pedestal - Technical Data Sheet

LPC406-414 EasyRail Pedestal - Technical Data Sheet

ARH2-4 Top Rail Headpiece - Technical Data Sheet

Balance Pro - ambientazione rail.jpg

Precision Pedestal Estimation: Simplifying Your Project Planning

Experience the ease and efficiency of Cityscape's unique service. Our expert team takes care of estimating the exact quantity of pedestals required for your project. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise planning.

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