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Rail Headpiece

Enhance your Tile Floors with RailSystem Supports: Introducing the MegaMart Fixing Headpiece.

Experience the seamless integration and secure locking of the aluminum bar, effortlessly achieved with our innovative MegaMart fixing headpiece. Designed for ultimate convenience and safety, the Top Rail AS head, with its generous 4.7" diameter, provides a versatile platform for any stoneware plank format. With the added assurance of the AS Anti-shock rubber's non-slip surface, enjoy a soft and secure support system.

The upper tabs, available in 0.08" or 0.2" thickness, come pre-carved, facilitating quick removal for seamless installation along walls or running layouts. Discover a new level of efficiency and precision in your tiling projects with RailSystem Supports and the MegaMart Fixing Headpiece.

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Precision Pedestal Estimation: Simplifying Your Project Planning

Experience the ease and efficiency of Cityscape's unique service. Our expert team takes care of estimating the exact quantity of pedestals required for your project. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise planning.

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