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Metal Support Tray

Steel Tray Paver Support are made of galvanized steel sheets with downturned edges of 3/8"on the four sides, they are double folded to empower the underside of the 3/4” thick paversand grant them an extra strength.

The galvanized metal tray will act as an additional support in the case where a tile is cracked.For proper installation follow the 3 steps below:
1. Ensure both the inside of the tray and bottom side of the tile are clean.
2. Apply an exterior construction adhesive to the tray. 1 bead of glue ever 3" O.C. is recommended.
3. Gently place the tile into the tray and press down firmly.

SIZE - 24" (W) x 24" (L)
WEIGHT - 4.409 lbs/piece
MATERIAL - Galvanized Steel

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